Project Saving US

We (We = Project Saving US) donate to specified charities based on the products you purchase check under description of the product you purchase to see the amount we donate for buying that product. We also list which charity we donate to in the title of the product with the following:

(WA) = Women's Abuse (New Beginning)

(CH) = Child Hunger (Feeding America)

(FH) = Foster Homes (Treehouse)

(PT) = Plant a Tree (national Forest Foundation)

(CC) = Child Cancer (St. Judes Research)

(NE) = Native Elders (Nicoa The National Indian Council On Aging)

(AF) = Air Force (Afas Air force Aide Society)

(WW) = Wounded Warrior (Wounded Warrior Project)

(USO) = United Service Organization (Uso United Service Organization)

(FS) = Fallen Soldiers (The American Fallen Soldier Project)

(PD) = Police Department (Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation)

(FD) = Fire Department (National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation)

Project Saving Us donates to these organizations from our profits from selling a product check out our term of use policy for more information

The Staff at Project Saving US  Sincerely Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.      

 Enjoy your shopping!!